Rhinestone Setter

Sets Flat-Back Rhinestones, Pearls, Cabochons, and
Jewels with matching size metal Tiffany Settings. Sets stone sizes 30-34, and 16-20 or 40-48 with adapters.

Price $19.99 

Adapters for sizes 16-20 and 40-48

Price $5.99 each

 Gem-Tac Glue

Gem-Tac is a gem of a glue. This versatile,
Non-Toxic adhesive is formulated for bonding
porous and semi-porous surfaces together.
It's perfect for attaching rhinestones and
glitter to garments as well as lace and trims
onto surfaces such as patent leather, glass,
even vinyl! The best part is you only need a
little. There are no more globs of glue around
rhinestones, just pure shimmer and shine. 
 Price $6.99

 Jewel Setter

Pick up & place jewels quickly and easily .
Ideal for picking up loose rhinestones,
seed beads, and small beads.
Use the tacky end of the Jewel Setter to
pick up the item you are positioning. Use
the pointed end of the other Jewel Setter
to make any slight adjustments.

You get two Jewel Setters per package.
 Price $1.99 per package

 $17.50 for 10 packages

  Tiffany Settings

Note: sizes may appear differently on different monitors.

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